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Heavy snowfall may slow down air traffic on Monday, the 2nd of April

1.4.2018 at 14:25
Cleaning snow on runway.
According to the forecast, there will be heavy snowfall from early morning until late evening of Monday in Southern Finland. Passengers are kindly asked to prepare at least for some delays and to follow notifications of their own airline.

Low visibility procedures are off and capacity is normal again. Flight restrictions this afternoon caused delays of maximum 30 minutes for 16 flights. There were no cancellations. Delays are still possible in the evening. (updated April 2 at 18:15)

Low visibility procedures are on place at Helsinki Airport. This means that there is less capacity available for landings and 15 minutes delays are expected for a part of the arrivals. More snow is forecasted for Monday afternoon and delays are possible also in the evening. (updated April 2 at 13:15)

The flights departed and arrived in time this morning in spite of the snowish weather. (updated April 2 at 09:10)

Airlines adapt their traffic plans accordingly and may cancel their flights. Please turn to your own airline for more details.

In spite of the windy and snowy weather conditions we will do our best to keep the runways open and operations running as smoothly as possible. Finavia’s world famous snow patrol is ready to do the snow removal on the runways in 11 minutes.

However, for safety reasons and due to strong wind, bad runway conditions or low visibility the amount of landings and take-offs may have to be limited. Limitations would decrease capacity and thus cause delays for arrivals and departures.

Also, heavy snow fall often slows down loading and unloading as well as the deicing of the planes. The ground handling companies at Helsinki Airport are preparing for this and will do their best to guarantee as punctual operations as possible.