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How to pack your backpack – help the airport handle your backpack more smoothly with these tips

Article published
4.5.2018 at 09:00
Pack your backpack with care to ensure that it will pass through the baggage handling system smoothly.

Many backpackers are already planning their summer and even winter holidays. Though a backpack is a handy travel companion, you should always remember to pack carefully before your flight as the many straps could get your luggage stuck in the airport baggage handling system.

Especially when your backpack is travelling in cargo, make sure to follow these tips to ensure a smooth baggage handling process and a great backpacking holiday.

1. Pack fragile items with care – for instance, inside an extra pair of shoes

To avoid your fragile items being damaged during travel, you can pack them, for instance, inside a pair of shoes.

2. Leave the most used items on top

This will help your daily life when backpacking. Especially if you’re hiking, it’s nice to have the most crucial items easily at hand when you need them without having to go through the entire backpack.

3. Tie loose straps and fasten waistband

It’s important to tie all the loose straps together so that they don’t get stuck on the conveyor baggage belt. Some airlines require that you protect your backpack and even offer plastic covers for this purpose.

4. Remove old tags

You should remove old tags from previous flights so that they do not get mixed up with the new ones.

5. Attach the new tag according to instructions

You can find the instructions on the flipside of the luggage tag. It’s important to leave the tag somewhat loose – i.e. not glued together all the way up to the handle.

You should also remove the separate little bar code sticker from the tag and attach it to the side of your backpack – this makes it easier for the baggage handling system to recognise the bag as it passes through the barcode reader.