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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Service advisors Iiris Majamäki, Hua Lei and Janni-Julia Mattila

Article published
7.2.2019 at 09:00
From giving guided tours to helping restart cars in the freezing cold, Finavia’s service advisors help customers in all situations. With Helsinki Airport changing and expanding, advising passengers is an increasingly crucial job.

Janni-Julia Mattila: “We’re called Service Advisors, but when someone asks I like to say that I'm a walking information source. We are here to help customers with everything concerning the airport area. That goes for both inside, in the terminals, and outside, in the parking areas.

We guide people to the right direction towards check-in, security control and passport control. We provide information about the airport, and answer questions about airlines. We also answer phone calls, e-mails, chat and social media and serve customers directly, on the spot.”

Iiris Majamäki: “Shifts can start at 5 a.m. in the morning or cover the night. On the same day, I can give a guided airport tour for a group of students and then work outside starting cars with dead batteries.

“Some years ago, it was a super cold winter, and I remember walking in parking lot going from one stalled car to the next with a booster in a luggage cart. Despite the challenging weather, we received very good feedback from our customers and they really appreciated our help. 

“I enjoy that the days are never the same. I have nice colleagues and we are lucky to be able to work in such a unique and international environment.”

Hua Lei: “The members of our team speak quite a number of languages such as English, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese, Arabic and Russian. I like that it’s an international work place and that my language skills are put to good use. I enjoy the dynamic nature of working at the airport.

Aside from offering good training before we start our work, Finavia also provides opportunities for us to learn continuously. For example, I participated in the Finavia CX Academy training programme. It enables employees of the various companies at the airport to exchange their respective customer service experiences and develop ideas on how to improve our services together.

Janni-Julia: “For the past few weeks, we have been improving our parking system and this has kept us rather busy. In addition, the renovation work in and around the airport makes our work of helping passengers even more important. Of course, the goal of all this development work is to make the airport easier for passengers to navigate.

Iiris: “Many changes are taking place here now, so our job at the information desk, in terminals and also outside in our parking areas is more crucial than ever before. We are here to make passengers’ experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.”

“It’s very interesting to see how the airport is becoming bigger and better. I can’t wait to see how it will look when the expansion is done.”

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