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Humans of Lapland Airports: Service Manager Virpi Kuismin

7.3.2018 at 09:00
Virpi Kuismin
Service manager Virpi Kuismin says that the airport is a special workplace in Ivalo: both multicultural and full of opportunities for development.

“I’ve been surprised by how quickly I have been able to develop and move forward at the airport, taking on new tasks and challenges. I started as a Service Advisor but took on the new title of Service Manager in October 2017. I still work in security check and advise passengers just like before, but in addition I do invoicing and communicate with airlines about their landing and departure schedules. Ivalo is an exceptional airport in Finland in that security checks and airline schedules are handled by our own staff. 

It’s a great feeling when we succeed in our work and passengers give us good feedback. The staff here is truly dedicated: They put in an amazing effort day to day and hour to hour, no matter what situations or challenges come along. 

The airport is a unique workplace, with an international and bustling atmosphere. Especially in such a small town as Ivalo, where social circles are otherwise limited, working at the airport lets you meet a lot of people from different cultures and learn to understand the world in a different way. 

Finavia is also a large employer in Ivalo, so there are wide opportunities for development. The airport is growing and developing quickly. You can see it in our everyday work life too, as new workmates and business operators are coming in all the time. Parts of the winter season that used to be slow become busy as passenger numbers increase.”

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