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A new cafe for Joensuu Airport

Article published
23.1.2018 at 13:09
Kauppaneuvoksen Kapsäkki on kahvila Joensuun lentoasemalla.
A new cafe has been opened at the Joensuu Airport. The assets of Cafe & Bar Kauppaneuvoksen Kapsäkki are, for example, genuine service and hospitality.

At Kauppaneuvoksen Kapsäkki you can taste different types of home-made pastries and traditional Karelian delicacies. The cafe offers you unhurried moment to indulge your senses in a wonderful environment. 

Passengers have the use of the Kauppaneuvos VIP lounge, which is open to all, with its old time charm, as well as the modern working facilities, a pergola with exhibitions and a lovely play area for the children.   

The pergola hosts changing exhibitions which present the works of local artisans and artists.

“At the Joensuu Airport, we want to create a gateway to Northern Karelia for the passengers. You can rest and relax at the cafe, which offers no-nonsense genuine service and hospitality”, says Tuija Tekin, executive manager of  the Northern Karelian branch of the Finnish Crafts Organization Taito.

The cafe is open during flights and it offers delicacies and a taste of Northern Karelia.

Joensuun lentoasema talvisäässä.

Photo: Joensuu Airport in winter 2015

Easy travelling from you local airport

In 2017, a total of 119,714 passengers used Finavia’s Joensuu Airport. The airport serves both business and leisure travellers. Five flights depart to Helsinki from Joensuu on weekdays, and three flights on both days of the weekend.

“Direct holiday flights in the autumn and in the spring to Mediterranean countries, for example, have been very popular. It is easy to depart from our own home airport”, says Director of airport, Auli Koistinen of Finavia. 

The terminal facilities at Joensuu Airport were renovated in 2015. 

“It is important to us that customers enjoy their time at our airport and feel themselves welcome to Northern Karelia. We also want to create a warm and unreserved atmosphere. All this we can do with the introduction of new cooperation”, says Koistinen.