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Planes of Helsinki Airport: five facts about the DC-10

Article published
28.8.2018 at 09:00
Finnair DC-10
Finns are very familiar with this plane type by McDonnell Douglas, because Finnair operated it from 1975 until 1996.

1. The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 is a wide-body, long-haul aircraft with three motors. It was manufactured in Long Beach, California. The first model, which went by the name DC-10-10, started operating in 1971.

2. The DC-10 was the first commercial wide-body airplane from McDonnell Douglas, which was designed at the request of American Airlines. The plane was smaller than the competitor's Boeing 747, but still suitable for long-haul routes.

3. The most popular version of the plane type was the DC-10-30, which many airlines, including Finnair flew. Since 1990, Finnair replaced the planes with the MD-11 model, also supplied by McDonnell Douglas. The last DC-10 exited Finnair’s fleet in 1996. In Finnair's fleet, the plane type transported around eight million passengers during its 21 years of service.

4. All in all, 446 DC-10s were built. The last one was completed in 1988.

5. The DC-10 flew its last passenger flight in February 2014. After that, friends of the plane type were offered local flights in England before the plane was turned into a museum piece.

Sources: Lentoposti, Airliners and Wikipedia

Image: Finnair

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