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Planes of Helsinki Airport: Five facts about the MD-11

3.4.2018 at 09:00
A long-term favorite of Finnair’s passenger and cargo traffic was the MD-11. Here are five facts about the famous aircraft model.

1. The McDonnell-Douglas MD-11, later known as the Boeing MD-11, is a three-engine jet airliner. The body of the aircraft is wide, so it has room for two aisles. This kind of aircraft type typically flies long routes. 

2. Two hundred MD-11 aircraft were manufactured from 1990-2001. Finnair was the first airline company to introduce the MD-11. The year was 1990. All in all, Finnair has had seven MD-11s over the years. 

3. At the beginning of the 1990s Finnair invented compact seat rows when flying from Helsinki to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. With that arrangement the MD-11 was able to carry 402 holiday travelers at the same time. 

4. The Finnair MD-11 fleet has clocked about 400,000 flight hours. Over time approximately 14 million passengers have flown on them. 

5. The Finnair fleet’s last MD-11, with route code OH-LGG, went on its final flight in February 2010, returning from Delhi, India, to Finland. Before that the plane went on an honorary mission and flew to Vancouver to pick up the Finnish Olympic team and Tarja Halonen, then president of Finland. Afterwards the aircraft was converted into a cargo plane in Singapore. 

Sources: YLE, YLE Elävä arkisto, Lentoposti 


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