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Tampere-Pirkkala Airport closed from air traffic on 17 July–12 August 2018

3.7.2018 at 09:59
Tampere-Pirkkala Airport is currently the subject of a development project that aims to increase the airport’s capacity and ensure safe traffic even as the volume of flights grows.

The air traffic area at Tampere-Pirkkala is gradually renewed and expanded. Finavia has planned the work to disturb air traffic as little as possible.

The runway paving work will take place during the least busy time for air traffic. The airport will be closed from air traffic from 17 July to 12 August 2018 for the duration of the runway paving work.

Renewed Tampere-Pirkkala Airport will be opened on 13 August 2018, with planes ascending and descending on the brand new runway.

Finavia continues its long-term project to improve Tampere-Pirkkala Airport

Tampere-Pirkkala is undergoing the most extensive modernisation in the airport’s history