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Traffic rearrangements at Oulu Airport – see the new routes

Article published
17.10.2018 at 14:00
Oulu Airport traffic
See the new traffic arrangements at Oulu Airport. The arrangements will be in function by the end of this week.

See all new arrangements on the map. Most relevant ones noted below.

There are more spaces for dropping off passengers in front of the terminal. Parking is not allowed on these lanes. A short-term parking area can be found at the end of these lanes. Note that you need to pay for short-term parking.

New parking spaces for passengers with reduced mobility are located at P1 parking area.

At P2 and short-term parking we offer 20 minutes parking free of charge.

Driving in and out from the parking area happens through Lentokentäntie. No access to the parking area in front of the terminal as previously. If you drive in front of the terminal, follow guidance to parking.

Local and charter buses are now located in front of the terminal near to arrivals hall.