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Work on the extension of Terminal 2 is proceeding smoothly

Article published
10.7.2018 at 09:00
T2 entrance visualisation
The first signs of the terminal extension will be visible to passengers at the end of the year when demolition work on the car park P1/P2 in front of the terminal will start. Construction activities will affect passenger movements starting next spring.

Finavia plans to extend Terminal 2 and modify its existing areas at Helsinki Airport. Terminal 2 has become tight as the number of passengers increases every year. The extension will give it much-needed space.

The expansion includes a new entrance to the terminal with arrivals and departures halls as well as new public transportation links. The extension plan is based on the design competition Finavia organised last summer.

“We’ve been developing the plan for almost one year now. The overall plan has been locked and now we’re in a more elaborate planning phase,” says Tuomo Lindstedt, Finavia's project manager for Terminal 2's expansion and change process.

Continuous growth must be considered

During the past year, designers have sought insights on how passengers should most smoothly move through the terminal. Where is the best place to check in and where to leave baggage’s the route to the security control?

And accordingly, how will passengers arrive at the arrivals hall, and at the baggage claim hall and public transportation and parking areas? There should also be enough space for waste management and for the efficient delivery of goods to all the restaurants and shops.

Moreover, it is important to look to the future: the new Terminal 2 must be operational for a long time.

“The number of passengers is growing rapidly, so it is important to make the space big enough at once,” Lindstedt says.

Significant impact on passengers

The core of the terminal extension is a brand-new building that will be built in front of the existing terminal. In the future, the building will have all the functions for arriving and departing passengers that are in the current Terminal 2, supplemented by a travel centre connecting various means of public transportation.

More space will be added to the existing Terminal 2. At the same time, the number and types of services will be improved. Changes to the current terminal are due partly to the construction of the new building, but most of the work will be done after the new structure is in use.

At present, there are car park P1/P2 as well as taxi and bus stations on the site of the new building. The expansion project will have a significant impact on the airport’s transport arrangements.

“Unfortunately, the expansion project is set to affect the movement of many passengers. We've been designing temporary solutions with great care and will inform them about these as early as possible. All these solutions are designed to last long, and they will not change a lot during the expansion work,” Lindstedt promises.

Construction will start next year

Passengers should expect a degree of disturbance at the end of this year when demolition work on parking facilities P1 and P2 will begin. Construction work in this area will start in spring 2019. The project is essential to make the airport functional and comfortable.

“When the project is completed, the terminal will be much better for passengers,” promises Lindstedt.

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