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Finavia is one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces

Article published
18.2.2019 at 13:07
ihmiset, työntekjät
People & Aviation
Finavia was selected from a group of hundreds of companies as one of the Finland’s most inspiring workplaces in 2019.

Positive development continued in Corporate Spirit’s personnel survey. Our employees rated their workplace in the AA class. Finavia’s score is much better than the average score of Finnish companies.

Finavia’s employees are more satisfied with their work, more engaged and more dedicated. This indicates that all Finavia employees are doing the right things, together, every day.

“This is an excellent result, achieved together with all our employees. It is truly wonderful to work with motivated, engaged and skilled employees”, says Kaarina Soikkanen, senior vice president of HR.

Being selected as one of Finland’s most inspiring workplaces indicates that Finavia’s long-term investments in operational development, together with its employees, have been an excellent success. At Finavia, results of personnel surveys are always discussed together with employees. In addition, every unit comes up with individual actions to improve and develop operations. For example, personnel surveys have resulted in an operating model, according to which employees change places with employees from other units to learn something new and to share good practices that work in their own units.

“We have determinedly developed managerial and supervisory work, supported the professional development of our employees and provided our employees with different career paths and new challenges to help them to advance in their careers. A good working culture requires continuous development, openness and trust. We need to work hard, every day, to maintain our productive atmosphere. We are in a good position to move on”, Soikkanen says.

What makes a workplace inspiring?

Inspiration makes life more interesting, fun and creative. It supports wellbeing and coping at work. Inspiration gives birth to innovation and produces good results. An inspiring workplace creates value in the future and is the main ingredient of human capital. In an inspiring workplace, people want to do their absolute best.

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