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Here’s how to check where the plane flying above you is headed

Article published
7.8.2019 at 09:00
An aeroplane ascending.
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Have you ever wondered where the planes flying across the sky are headed or where are they coming from? There are simple ways to check flight information online.

Many of us may have spent lazy summer days laying on the lawn, peering at planes flying across the sky and guessing at the exiting destinations they are headed. These days, however, you do not need to leave it at guesswork, as you can easily find flight information on your phone.

1. FlightRadar24 shares real-time information

If you are interested in real-time flight monitoring, head over to the FlightRadar24 website. On the website you can track flights in Finland and all over the world.

FlightRadar24’s website gives an excellent overview of the amount of planes that are up in the air at any given time. By selecting a single plane, you can find out the plane’s departure airport and destination as well as the duration of the flight and the airplane’s model.

2. At Helsinki Airport, check WebTrak

Tracking flights near Helsinki Airport is easy with WebTrak service. The service provides detailed information about all airplanes within 70 kilometers from Helsinki Airport.

In addition to the departure airport, you can find out an airplane’s location, altitude and the model of the plane. Due to security reasons, there is a one-hour delay in the data. You can also find up to three months’ worth of historical data on flights.

3. Check the Helsinki Airport application for arrivals and departures

For information about the arriving and departing flights at Helsinki Airport, you can easily check Finavia’s Helsinki Airport mobile application. Through the app, you can track the status of your flight and see if there are changes to the gate or possible delays for example.

By tracking the arrivals, you can check when family member is landing on Finnish soil and track when your luggage is ready to be claimed. In addition to tracking flights you can also familiarise yourself with the airport’s restaurants and shops or reserve parking in advance.

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