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The new parking house at Helsinki Airport will be completed next to terminal T2 in the autumn of 2020

Press release
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2.7.2019 at 09:02
Architectural visualization of  Helsinki Airports terminal extension. Woman hails a bus in hurry..
The new parking house at Helsinki Airport with approximately 2,000 parking spaces will be completed in the autumn of 2020. Extensive construction works at the airport are well under way.

Helsinki Airport Development Programme is progressing. Some old structures have been demolished and new construction is taking place in central places in front of the airport. The parking house P1/P2 is being constructed in the immediate vicinity of terminal T2 and will be completed in the autumn of 2020. The new parking house will have approximately 2,000 parking spaces. The diversity of traffic has been taken into account in the design. The number of parking spaces for electric cars, for instance, has been increased even further.

The new parking house will contain P1, P2 and Short-term parking areas, each with clearly indicated entrances and exits. With the Short-term parking area, also drop-off traffic to the airport will return to the immediate vicinity of the terminals. The parking house will have 9 floors in total. Of these, P1 is being constructed underground, keeping the parking area in warm temperatures. Floors 1–2 will house the Short-term parking area, and P2 will be located on floors 3–8. There will be a direct indoor connection to terminal T2 from the new indoor car park.

- The new modern short-term parking facilities are being constructed near the terminal to facilitate departures and drop-off traffic. The distances are longer during the construction. When the parking house is completed, we will be able to provide even better service to customers arriving at the airport, says Jukka Isomäki, Director responsible for the ground traffic at Helsinki Airport.

Demolishing old and building new at the same time

The concurrent demolition of the last old structures remaining has been planned to make space available for the construction of the new parking house as quickly as possible. The use of solar panels has been considered in the design of the new car park, and recycling the concrete waste generated in the demolition work in soil fillings, for instance, has been possible.

In spring 2019, buses were moved from the front of terminal 2 to the front of the TOKE building and Scandic Airport Hotel, and taxis from the front of terminal T2’s main entrance to the covered areas in the basement.

When the new indoor car park facility is completed next year, Finavia will have again approximately 13,000 parking spaces at Helsinki Airport. Reserving parking in a specific area and paying in advance or making a mobile payment when returning from the journey is possible already now. You can also have your car washed during your trip.

-There is no shortage of parking space during the construction project. Before the construction was started, indoor car park P5 and outdoor areas P4 were expanded at the airport, Jukka Isomäki continues.

Passengers should reserve a little bit more time for arrival at the airport and moving between the terminals due to the construction work during the extension of the airport. Finavia apologises for any inconvenience caused by the demolition and construction work and will do its utmost to ensure that the impact of the work will remain as small as possible.

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