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A new Waffle King cafe opens at Oulu Airport

Article published
4.2.2019 at 14:17
Waffle portion
The service selection at Oulu Airport will expand on Tuesday, February 5, when the local favourite Vohvelikuningas (Waffle King) opens its second cafe. Waffle King will attract passengers with sweet and salty treats at the gate area, and will be open according to the departures schedule.

Vohvelikuningas is a cafe concept that was born in Oulu in the spring of 2018. The first branch was opened at the Valkea shopping centre and has quickly gained fame in the northern city. Now, the business, founded by Mr. Pasi Kangaskorte, will expand with the opening of its second branch at Oulu Airport.

“We are delighted to have a local addition to our services here at the airport. Vohvelikuningas has its own concept that is already well known among the local people. It brings something new to our selection, but at the same time, the product is already familiar to our passengers, as waffles are enjoyed by people of all ages, both in Finland and elsewhere,” Liisa Sallinen, Manager of Oulu Airport says.

The cafe is known for serving waffles with a variety of sweet and salty toppings, with gluten-free and milk-free options also available. The selection caters for a wide variety of people, with toppings ranging from smoked reindeer or salmon to Nutella or the traditional strawberry jam with whipped cream.

The Waffle King at Oulu Airport will have a menu that is tailored to the wishes of the customers, including international passengers. In addition to waffles, the cafe will have servings of ice cream, warm sandwiches and small snacks, as well as coffee and other warm and cold drinks. The cafe is fully licensed.

The founder Pasi Kangaskorte sees Oulu Airport as a great place for expanding his business.

“We have quickly found our loyal local clientele, so soon after opening our first cafe, expanding the business became a clear goal. The airport has an especially interesting, international environment, so I didn’t hesitate in taking this chance. Cooperation with Finavia has been smooth, and I believe that Waffle King will truly take off after this expansion,” he says.

The Waffle King at Oulu Airport will serve passengers at the gate area, next to the children’s play area and Gate 14. There are around 20 seats in the cafe.

“Pasi Kangaskorte is a bold, innovative entrepreneur who initially contacted us with his idea of opening up a new cafe here. We are equally excited to see what happens to the whole concept of Waffle King in the coming years,” says Liisa Sallinen.