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Support strikes have an effect on air traffic on 25-26 November

Article published
20.11.2019 at 10:59
Oulu Airport
The support strikes started on the morning of Monday 25 November and will last until the early morning of Tuesday 26 November. The air traffic will run normally during Tuesday.

Finavia, the Finnish airport company, will try to do its best to ensure that travelling to and from its airports would be as smooth as possible even during the strikes.

Finavia's Help Team will be ready to give guidance and help to the passengers at the airports. Passenger information at the airports will be enhanced as well.

Real-time flight information of departures and arrivals is available Finavia’s webpage.

How do the support strikes affect arriving flights?
In the afternoon and evening of Monday there will be delays in baggage claim as unloading the baggage from the plane will take considerably more time than usually. For more precise instructions please turn to your airline.

Are there long queues at Helsinki Airport security checks?
On Monday, there will be congestion in the security checks in the afternoon. Please reserve enough time to catch your flight. In addition, please note that Premium security checks are not open on Monday.

On Tuesday, there will be full manning and security checks are expected to run smoothly.

Is my flight cancelled?
Finnair has cancelled its flights on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Please see your flight status on Finnair's travel update information.

On Monday 25th November, Lufthansa cancelled three flights, Turkish Airlines one and Qatar Airways one flight.

Is my flight delayed?
There will be delays at least on Monday.

What are effects on public transportation to and from the airport?
The support strikes also affect bus transportation in the Helsinki region on Monday. However, train traffic is expected to function normally. More information on the bus and train connections to and from Helsinki Airport can be found on HSL’s webpage.

Will I get any compensation if my flight is cancelled or delayed?
Please turn to your airline.

Will I get any compensation for my pre-payed parking booking if my flight is cancelled?
Please turn to Finavia's parking service.

This release will be updated with any new information about the situation.

More information about the strikes

The representative association for service sector businesses, Service Sector Employers Palta, and the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU have not been able to agree on the terms of the postal worker’s collective agreement. The Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) has extended their support to PAU by announcing a sympathy strike. In addition, the Transport Workers’ Union AKT has also announced its intent to support PAU with a sympathy strike, so AKT members working at the airport will be on strike as well.