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The customer is at the heart of everything also in exceptional circumstances

Article published
4.5.2020 at 11:42
Yksittäinen matkustaja istuu penkillä valoisassa terminaalissa
These are unusual times for Finnish airports. Passenger numbers have fallen significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic and its effects, and some airports are completely empty. Helsinki Airport still serves a small number of transfer passengers and passengers returning to Finland. Finavia’s customer service personnel work constantly to ensure safe and smooth travel for all passengers.

Hanna Hämäläinen, who is responsible for passenger services, works on the front line of the response to the coronavirus pandemic at Helsinki Airport. There is a great desire to support safe and smooth travel in exceptional circumstances.

“Customer orientation is at the heart of everything also in exceptional circumstances. We treat every passenger as an individual and ensure that travelling home via Helsinki Airport goes smoothly,” says Hämäläinen.

Guidance and support is offered to passengers

Finavia’s customer service personnel guide passengers in following the current guidelines and, if necessary, asking for more information from the correct organisation. At the airport, customer service personnel remind passengers to – for example – keep a safe distance from other people and use hand sanitiser. Blankets, water and snacks have been provided to transfer passengers waiting for their connecting flight.

The exceptional circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have changed many passengers’ travel plans.

“Passengers have been happy to receive support and guidance for their journey home. Many passengers’ travel plans changed suddenly, and getting home had not been guaranteed. You can sense the relief at the airport,” says Hämäläinen.

“Many passengers have wanted to tell us about their journey, in which case we have listened to them and been present. We hope that these exceptional encounters leave our customers with a positive impression of Finland and Helsinki Airport.”

The airport community cooperates closely

Finavia’s customer service personnel constantly cooperate with others operating at the airport, such as the authorities and airlines, in order to ensure the well-being and safety of passengers. In these exceptional circumstances, passengers’ routes and travel instructions have changed drastically in a short time, which makes cooperation even more important.

“We work in close cooperation with various operators to ensure an exceptionally good customer experience,” Hämäläinen says and thanks both the passengers and the airport community for their cooperation in these unusual times.