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Favourite places and sights in Kittilä: “Experiences all year round”

Article published
4.12.2020 at 15:19
Pallas-Yllästunturissa on paljon upeita luontokohteita.
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Kimmo Liukkonen, Airport Manager of Kittilä Airport, shares his favourite places in Kittilä in Finavia’s new My Lapland series.

According to Kimmo Liukkonen, Airport Manager of Kittilä Airport, the best things about Lapland and the Kittilä area are nature, the changing seasons and opportunities for pursuing a wide range of hobbies. The fantastic tourist and nature attractions in the Levi and Pallas-Ylläs fell area are just a short drive away.

“My favourite place at the airport is the old non-Schengen area, which offers a magnificent view of the Aakenus and Ylläs fells. As night falls, you can watch a beautiful sunset as the sun goes down behind the fells,” says Liukkonen.

Kittilä Airport serves Kittilä, Kolari and Muonio as well as Sodankylä and Enontekiö. Its area covers Levi and Ylläs, Pallas, Olos and Pyhä-Luosto. During the upcoming winter season of 2020–2021, Finnair will operate up to 14 weekly flights to Kittilä, five of which will be flown as a triangle route that includes Ivalo.

Kittilän lentoaseman saapuvat matkustajat näkevät ensimmäiseksi tämän kuvan.

A piece of nature was recently added to the arrivals hall in collaboration with Metsähallitus.

“Arriving passengers can now enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park while waiting for their bags. The airport is the first step towards numerous adventures,” says Liukkonen.

Airport Manager Kimmo Liukkonen’s tips

Ylläksellä voi tuntea olevansa pilvien yläpuolella.

The distinctive Pallas area

“The Kittilä area offers great experiences all year round. The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park has plenty of superb natural attractions, but my personal favourite is the distinctive Pallas area as a whole. My special favourites in the area are the red sandy beaches of Lake Pallasjärvi, the cleanest air in the world on Sammaltunturi fell and the calming landscapes of the entire national park.”

Are you already familiar with sieidis?

“Sieidis are absolutely worth a visit: Äkässaivo in Ylläs and the imposing Taatsi sieidi in the Pokka area of Kittilä. Sieidis were sacred places in ancient Sami religions.”

Revontulet loimuavat upeasti Lapin taivaalla.

Glowing northern lights

“You can go hiking in the summer and enjoy the colours of the leaves in the autumn, not forgetting the spectacular northern lights, which are most common in September and October.”

Speedriding for thrill-seekers

“Winter tourism has a special meaning for the Kittilä area. Just a short drive from Kittilä, there are many great skiing locations in Levi, Ylläs and Pyhä. For the most thrill-seeking and adventurous tourists, there is speedriding, which means skiing down a slope with a big wing, like a combination of paragliding and skiing.”

Rinteisiin voi tutustua myös pyörän päällä.

Cycling on the slopes

“During the winter season, it is also worth trying mountain biking on winter trails, which are located in the heart of nature. For example, the Ylläs area has over 100 km of maintained winter trails, some of which wend their way through the old-growth forests of the national park or run on the fells.”

Restaurant recommendations to suit every taste

“A fantastic culinary experience is a great way to crown a day full of activities. Aurora Estate in Ylläsjärvi and King Crab House in Levi are superb places for dining. You can enjoy a delicious lunch at places like GastroK or Café & Bar Kota while skiing in Levi. In early spring, Hotel Pallas’ burgers are a great option after a day skiing on the fell.”

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