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Finavia to adjust its operations to the reduced air traffic

Article published
11.3.2020 at 11:10
Airplane on a snow covered runway
The effects of the coronavirus can be seen at Finavia’s airports to a considerable extent, with passenger traffic shut down completely at many airports. The flight cancellations and travel restrictions reduce operating volumes and the number of passengers at many airports.

Finavia is adjusting its operations to the changed situation. We held cooperation negotiations with personnel representatives regarding temporary layoffs concerning approximately 950 employees. The negotiations were completed on 19 March 2020.

Finavia has decided to lay off its permanent personnel for a maximum of 90 days depending on the unit and work tasks. The layoffs will be implemented in such a way that air traffic can be served at the airports that remain open. Finavia will also seek savings by cutting operating costs.

You can get more information about flight cancellations and reductions from the airlines.