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How are Finnish airports prepared for coronavirus?

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23.1.2020 at 15:26
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In Finland, the various ministries and health authorities are responsible for providing guidelines for and supervising and preventing the spread of contagious diseases. For example, the authorities decide on possible passenger health examinations to be conducted at airports.

”The health and well-being of passengers and personnel are very important to us. Therefore, we already began intensified cleaning at our terminals at the beginning of February, and we made hand disinfectant available at security checks and other customer service desks. ”We are monitoring the situation with the coronavirus very carefully,” says Heini Noronen-Juhola, Vice President, Finavia, Helsinki Airport.

Noronen-Juhola says that Finavia is also carrying out extra cleaning at the airport. This is done when there is a case of a suspected disease, for example. Finavia has its own updated contingency plan that will be implemented together with the authorities and airlines, where necessary.

Finavia has no permission to check passengers’ state of health or prevent the arrival of passengers or flights in Finland. Ministries and the authorities decide on this.

Currently, all airlines flying directly from Finland to China have cancelled all or some of their February flights. Some of them have also cancelled their flights scheduled for March 2020.

Contact your own airline or travel operator for more information on the cancellation of flights to China as well as changes to schedules.

More information

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More information about coronavirus is available on WHO webpage.

Updated 1/26/2020, 11:34: Instructions for people travelling in the epidemic area – Wuhan coronavirus

Updated 27/1/2020, 16:16: Instructions for passengers arriving in Finland – Wuhan coronavirus

Updated 28/1/2020, 14.48: Finnair has announced that it will cancel flights to Daxing Airport (from 5th of February to 29th of March) and to Nanjing (from 8th of February to 29th of March). Tibet Airlines will start operating Jinan−Helsinki route again from 30th of March. Sichuan Airlines will cancel Helsinki−Chengdu flights planned for Friday, 14th of February. Passengers are advised to contact the airline or the travel agency directly.

Updated 29.1.2020 16:12. Update on hand sanitzer fluids available.

Updated 30.1.2020 08:39: Sichuan Airlines has cancelled more flights.

Updated 31.1.2020 13:29: Finnair's cancellations

Updated 14.2.2020 12:40: Changes in lead text