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GLO Hotel Airport re-opened

Article published
1.7.2020 at 09:09
Glo hotel airport vastaanottoaula
GLO Hotel Airport was closed in April due to the expansion of the new terminal 2. Now the hotel is re-opened and ready to serve passengers and other customers at the airport.

GLO Hotel Airport is in terminal 2 (floor P), below the arrivals’ hall 2B. This allows customers to move directly from the hotel to the departure hall and security control.

Because of its location, GLO Hotel Airport offers customers to rest between flights. You can book a day room between 9 AM and 5 PM (for max. 4 or 8 hours) and relax during a stopover.

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The Helsinki Airport Development Programme is an investment of over EUR 1 billion

Helsinki Airport is in the middle of the largest expansion project in its history. The current development programme aims to enable the airport to serve the increasing number of passengers.

In fall 2020, the new parking garage next to will open. There will be parking space for 1,800 cars in the new building, and one whole floor is dedicated to electric cars. All Finavia’s airports are carbon neutral. The walls of the new parking halls will be covered with solar panels to support Finavia´s zero emission goal.

The extension of Terminal 2 will significantly increase the amount of terminal space available for check-in, security control and baggage drop operations. The current arrivals and departure halls will be renovated and, following this renovation, connected to the gate area reserved for flights to and from Europe.

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