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Helsinki Airport ranked one of the most cybersecure airports in the world

Article published
19.2.2020 at 10:00
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Helsinki Airport is one of the safest in the world when it comes to website and mobile application security, according to recent research by cybersecurity company ImmuniWeb.

The report, a comparison of 100 international airports, names three airports that successfully passed all of the tests without a single major issue detected – Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Helsinki Airport and Dublin Airport.

ImmuniWeb concludes that these three airports “may serve a laudable example not just to the aviation industry but to all other industries as well.”

Security first

97 per cent of the airport websites surveyed for the report contained outdated web software, and about a third of airport mobile app outgoing traffic did no use of encryption. The findings highlight the importance of cybersecurity.

“When developing our digital channels, security is one of our most important goals,” says Carita Närvänen, Development Manager at Finavia. “As an airport company, we need to make sure that our reservation services are secure, for example, so that customer payment information, for example, is kept safe and not being? misused.”

The findings underlines the success of Finavia’s ongoing development work, with regards to, in particular, the airport’s app and Finavia's website.

“The feedback we usually receive regarding digital channels is about the features the user sees, such as design and usability,” says Närvänen. “It is great to be recognised for something that isn’t visible to customers but nonetheless has a significant impact on them.”

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