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New stores and restaurant openings at Finavia’s airports in Rovaniemi, Ivalo, Kemi-Tornio and Joensuu

Article published
10.1.2020 at 09:00
For the busy winter season, new shops and restaurants have opened at Finavia’s network airports. Finavia has invested 55 million in upgrading the Lapland airports, and new services are part of the renewal.

Lapland Airports have been buzzing with activity with the introduction of additional flights, new services and seasonal personnel to meet the needs of passengers during the busy winter season.

  • The new restaurant Ahkio opened at Rovaniemi Airport in November. It offers an assortment of warm dishes packed with local flavours. The restaurant can be found at the terminal right after security check. Other Lapland specialties can also be discovered at the recently opened Napapiirin Lahja, which features a selection of interior design items, clothes and souvenirs.

  • Unique Design Center opened two new stores at Ivalo Airport. Here you can find special Finnish design items from Aarikka to Marimekko in addition to pieces created by the couple who run the shop.

  • The new café Sulo welcomes passengers at Kemi-Tornio Airport.

According to Olli Väyrynen, Vice President, Business Development (Airport Network) at Finavia, passenger numbers at Lapland’s airports have increased significantly; new stores and services are very welcome. Our customer base consists of Finnish passengers, but we also serve Asian and Central European tourists who expect our airports to offer local selections.

Thanks to Finavia’s Lapland investment programme, airports in northern Finland are now able to better accommodate the two million passengers that pass through them every year. The project has enabled the expansion of passenger areas at Rovaniemi, Ivalo and Kittilä Airports.

A new café has also been opened at Joensuu Airport to provide services to customers, which consist mostly of locals as the number of passengers remains consistent throughout the year.

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