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Parking at Turku Airport paid via a mobile app

Press release
Article published
2.7.2020 at 10:15
Matkustaja terminaalissa puhelin kädessä
Finavia is improving its parking services at Turku Airport. Paper parking tickets will be replaced by mobile payments at the beginning of July.

Customers can pay for their parking using the Parkman, Easypark and Moovy mobile applications. They can drive their car directly to the car park and pay via their smartphone, which will make parking at the airport faster.

“This upgrade represents not only the development of convenient services and increasing the reliability of payment transactions, but also a step towards greater sustainability. The introduction of electronic services means we can do away with single-use parking tickets. This reduces the amount of paper waste,” says Finavia’s Juha Aaltonen, Director of Turku Airport.

According to Aaltonen, prepaid parking based on license plates will remain an option for customers temporarily.

“Previously used car park barriers and traditional payment automations will be removed from the airport. This will make it easier for drivers to navigate the area,” he says.

Finavia has previously introduced mobile payments for parking at Rovaniemi Airport and Kuopio Airport, and mobile payments can also be used at Helsinki Airport. The shift to mobile payments for parking is also planned for Finavia’s airports in Vaasa, Oulu and Tampere.

Aaltonen says customers have been satisfied with the use of mobile payments. The mobile applications accepted by Finavia have made parking easier and people are already familiar with them as they are used for street parking in many Finnish cities.

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