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Spain remains Norwegian’s most popular winter holiday destination

Article published
19.2.2020 at 09:04
Norwegian's airplane departures Helsinki Airport
We are in the middle of the 2020 winter holiday season, and this can be seen at many Finavia airports. Spain has traditionally been one of Norwegian’s most popular winter holiday destinations, and this year is no exception.

Norwegian’s top 10 most popular winter holiday destinations include six Spanish destinations that can be reached with direct flights from Helsinki. In addition to Spanish destinations, Marrakesh also made it to the top 5. The top 10 also included Agadir, which is Norwegian’s other destination in Morocco.

“Spain’s position as the favourite of Norwegian’s passengers is strong. In fact, Norwegian was the biggest airline in Spain last year for flights to and from Finland and the other Nordic countries. Norwegian’s market share even increased in Spain compared to the previous year,” says Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson, Norwegian’s Communications Manager for Sweden and Finland.

Passengers flying out of Helsinki for their winter holidays with Norwegian are also interested in Moroccan destinations. Norwegian is the only airline that offers direct flights from Helsinki to both Marrakesh and Agadir. Both of the Moroccan destinations have entered the top 10 of the most popular winter holiday destinations.

In addition to the Spanish and Moroccan destinations, two other destinations entered the top 10: Nice, which is popular year-round, and Salzburg, which is located near many top ski resorts.

Norwegian’s top 10 destinations for flights departing from Helsinki Airport for this year’s winter holiday season are the following:

1. Las Palmas
2. Tenerife
3. Malaga
4. Alicante
5. Marrakesh
6. Barcelona
7. Agadir
8. Nice
9. Salzburg
10. Palma de Mallorca

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