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Appointment at Finavia: Heikki Tanninen appointed Airport Manager of Joensuu Airport

Article published
30.3.2021 at 09:01
An airport at Joensuu.
People & Aviation
Heikki Tanninen starts working as the Airport Manager of Joensuu Airport on 1 April 2021. Before this, he worked as Maintenance Manager at Joensuu Airport.

“We are delighted to have found a new Airport Manager for Joensuu Airport in house. Heikki Tanninen has worked for us for more than ten years. He has strong expertise in airport operations and also experience in the Airport Manager duties as he has acted as the Manager’s deputy for several years,” says Mari Nurminen, Vice President, Central and Eastern Finland Airports at Finavia.

According to Nurminen, Finavia focuses on enabling each employee to develop their skills and have a versatile career. Airports are unique, international and constantly evolving operating environments that require many different skills.

“We want to retain our highly skilled personnel and invest in career path development. Tanninen’s career is a good example of this. He has proceeded from a maintenance professional to a managerial position and now to Airport Manager,” says Nurminen.