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Finavia opens affordable summer parking at Helsinki Airport for holidaymakers

Article published
22.6.2021 at 09:33
Helsinki Summertime/Kari Ylitalo
The airport company Finavia will open its summer parking at Helsinki Airport on 28 June 2021. Parking lot 4A offers affordable parking in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Finavia’s popular summer parking at lot 4A of Helsinki Airport will once again be open for holidaymakers from 28 June to 8 August. From the affordable parking lot, everything in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is only a quick train ride away.

“We wanted to re-open our parking for summer holidaymakers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we now have the possibility of offering this opportunity,” says Jukka Isomäki, Finavia’s Head of Parking and Landside Traffic at Helsinki Airport.

At the moment, tourism mainly consists of domestic travel, a large part of which is directed to Helsinki and the rest of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. By choosing summer parking at the airport, you avoid parking problems in the city centre and rush hour traffic in that direction. The station for trains to Helsinki is opposite parking lot 4A at Helsinki Airport.

“From our parking area, you can get to the heart of Helsinki quickly. Connections to other places in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area are also good."

Parking is an affordable option for holidaymakers as the fee after the first three days (10 €/day) is only EUR 2 per day. A long weekend from Thursday to Sunday costs EUR 32, and a seven-day trip costs EUR 38. The eighth day is free, so longer trips result in even bigger savings.

“Now is the time to stay one more day.”

The pricing is the same for all days, so the fee in the P4A area remains the same for the duration of summer parking.

Unlike Finavia's other parking spaces, the parking spaces in lot 4A cannot be reserved in advance. In addition to passenger cars, there is also space for vans and camper vans.

“There are almost a thousand parking spaces in the lot, and we are confident that there is room for everyone.”

Finavia's other car parks serve travellers as normal throughout the summer months.

Kuva: Kari Ylitalo / Helsinki Marketing