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Finnair to offer affordable corona testing near Helsinki Airport

Article published
29.7.2021 at 14:03
Finnair at Helsinki Airport
Finnair will offer coronavirus testing near Helsinki Airport from August 4th onwards.

In its press release, Finnair states it will introduce a rapid antigen test, available from 4 August 2021. The testing is handled by Finnair Health Services and near Helsinki Airport. According to Finnair, test results will be available within two hours.

The testing handled by Finnair Health Services costs 65 euros and includes a certificate in English.

“Pre-testing is a prerequisite for safe travel in many countries. Therefore it must be affordable and reasonably priced for anyone who wants to travel. Finnair's new rapid antigen testing service smoothens the journey. The rapid antigen test is a good option for tourists arriving in Finland who need a negative corona test certificate for their return journey. A growing number of countries are accepting rapid antigen testing as a travel document. Our aim is to make this available also in other locations in Finland”, says Kaarlo Karvonen, Finnair's Head of Security.

Several EU countries require travellers to have a negative corona test as a requirement for entry, and the rapid antigen test is valid in most EU and Schengen countries. More information on Finnair's coronavirus testing can be found on the airline's website.

Source: Finnair Press Release July 29th, 2021

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