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Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare recommends all airlines to require negative covid-19 test certificate from passengers travelling to Finland

Article published
23.1.2021 at 13:21
Matkustaja antaa paperin asiakasneuvojalle
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has given a recommendation on 22 January, for all airlines operating to Finland.

THL recommends that airlines require passengers travelling to Finland from abroad to present a negative coronavirus test certificate before boarding. At this stage, vaccination certificates will not be accepted as a substitute for test certificates, says THL.

You should contact your airline to confirm requirements. Finnair has announced that starting on 28 January 2021, it will require a negative coronavirus test certificate. Read more from Finnair website.

Self-quarantine can be shortened by taking a test

THL recommends a 14-day self-quarantine for all arriving passengers. By observing a voluntary 14-day quarantine you will protect other people from infections. You can shorten your self-quarantine period quarantine by getting two Covid-19 tests.

  • If, upon arrival in Finland, you have a certificate of negative Covid-19 test taken no earlier than 72 hours before arrival, take another test no earlier than 72 hours after arrival. If the result of this second test is negative, you can stop your self-quarantine.
  • If you do not have a certificate of a test taken less than 72 hours prior to arrival, we recommend self-quarantine regardless of how long you will stay in Finland. You may shorten the self-quarantine by getting tested for coronavirus at your point of entry when you arrive in Finland. Testing station at Helsinki airport is free of charge. Take the second test no earlier than 72 hours after the first test. If the results of both tests are negative, you can stop your self-quarantine.
  • When waiting for the test results, stay in self-quarantine at home or in your accommodation.
  • You will not need to self-quarantine if you have a medical certificate stating that you had Covid-19 less than 6 months ago.

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