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Frost damage on the runway at Jyväskylä Airport — repairs begin on 16 March

Article published
12.3.2021 at 13:59
Lähikuva Jyväskylän kiitotiestä
Finavia has detected cracks caused by frost that need to be fixed on the Jyväskylä Airport runway. The repairs will begin on 16 March 2021. The work is estimated to last for a few days. Because of the repairs, the use of the runway will be restricted at times.

The repair of the runway has no effect on passenger traffic. The work mainly impacts the military flight operations at Jyväskylä Airport. Finavia has agreed on temporary measures directly with all organisations with flight operations at Jyväskylä Airport.

“We constantly monitor the condition of the runway at all airports and carry out additional condition reviews after the winter. The Finnish weather conditions are hard on the airport’s infrastructure, and frost damage is common,” says Finavia’s Technical Director Henri Hansson.

Hansson explains that frost damage can generally be fixed in the spring. However, some of the frost damage on the runway at Jyväskylä Airport is greater than usual, so the measures will begin immediately.

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