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Kati Levoranta, former CEO of Rovio, appointed to Finavia’s Board of Directors

Article published
15.4.2021 at 14:04
Finavian Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasema kesällä.
Kati Levoranta, who has been appointed to Finavia’s Board of Directors, strongly believes in the recovery of tourism. As a member of the Board of Directors, her strengths include taking advantage of digitalisation and data.

Kati Levoranta was appointed to Finavia’s Board of Directors at Finavia’s Annual General Meeting on 26 March 2021. She has a master’s degree in law and she also holds an MBA. Levoranta is best known for her work at Rovio, where she was the CEO from 2016 to 2020.

Right now, Levoranta works as Partner and EVP at P2X Solutions, an energy industry start-up. In addition to Finavia’s Board of Directors, she is also a board member of OP Cooperative and private equity company Juuri Partners.

“Finavia’s Board of Directors already has plenty of expertise in various areas of business operations. My own strengths lie in digitalisation and the use of data. I also hope I will be able to bring new perspectives to the more general discussions about business management.”

Kati Levoranta Finavian hallituksen uusi jäsen.

According to Levoranta, digitalisation and the use of data should continue to be developed as a part of business operations and their planning as well as responsibility.

“In addition, the staff’s coping and well-being form the foundation on which everything is built. In my opinion, this should be emphasised in these challenging times.”

The importance of responsible travel is highlighted

Levoranta believes that, in the future, the importance of safe travel will be highlighted also at airports, as will the importance of responsibility.

“In this respect, Finavia has a good opportunity to provide passengers with very positive experiences and offer airlines a reliable and competitive alternative, allowing Finavia to develop and grow its business operations,” says Kati Levoranta.

Helsinki Airport has been Levoranta’s favourite airport for a long time because the airport offers a smooth travel experience.

“Over the years, I have travelled a lot, both for work and for leisure, and visited airports in many countries. Helsinki Airport has been easy to use, also during the extension project.”

Kati Levoranta strongly believes in the recovery of tourism.

“I feel that Finavia has a great opportunity to come out strong after the pandemic. I believe that tourism will recover in the near future. The investments made by Finavia are important for maintaining and even improving competitiveness.”

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Photos of Kati Levoranta: OP/Nina Kaverinen