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Forecast: snowfall will continue at Helsinki Airport on 14 December

Article published
14.12.2022 at 13:32
Kunnossapitokalusto auraa lunta iltahämärässä
According to the weather forecast, it will snow heavily at Helsinki Airport on Wednesday 14 December, starting from the afternoon until late at night. Based on current information, the weather will not have a significant impact on flight schedules.

“As it stands, it seems that we will be able to plough the runways well and keep two runways open at all times. We have prepared for heavy snowfall in cooperation with all of the operators at the airport,” says Jani Elasmaa, Finavia’s Vice President responsible for Helsinki Airport’s runway and apron operations.

According to Elasmaa, the situation may still change if, for example, the snowfall turns into freezing drizzle or the wind direction changes. We will continue to update this press release when needed.

For more information on delays and cancellations for individual flights, please contact the airlines. You should also contact your own airline if your baggage is delayed.

Real-time information about arriving and departing flights at Helsinki Airport is available on the Finavia website.

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