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Helsinki Airport’s terminal wins the Wood Award competition

Article published
4.11.2022 at 08:50
Yöaikaan otettu kuva Helsinki-Vantaan terminaalista ja pääsisäänkäynnistä.
The wooden suspended ceiling of the new terminal at Helsinki Airport has won Puuinfo’s Wood Award for 2022. The impressive wooden ceiling is made of Finnish spruce, and it creates a peaceful atmosphere at the busy airport.

Finavia’s Helsinki Airport Development Programme reached an important milestone in December 2021 when the new terminal extension was completed. In a short period of time, the wooden suspended ceiling and the spectacular overhang of the terminal have become an iconic landmark.

“For many, Helsinki Airport is their first contact with Finland, and it’s an excellent place to showcase Finnish construction expertise and design. The new terminal is mostly Finnish high-quality work, of which we are very proud,” says Finavia’s Project Director Martti Nurminen.

Päiväaikaan otettu ulkokuva Helsinki-Vantaan terminaain julkisivusta.

According to the Wood Award competition jury, the terminal reflects the shared ambition of the different parties throughout the execution of the project. In addition, the jury noted that the implementation and workmanship of the free-form suspended ceiling is a great example of how even large projects can be executed with the precision of furniture carpentry.

The surface material of the ceiling made in Raisio is Finnish spruce. The ceiling consists of 500 unique CLT elements that have been positioned one at a time, like a giant puzzle. As a material, the cross-glued CLT elements ensure that the shape of the ceiling will not change over time. Due to the large differences in ceiling height, the tallest passengers may even be able to touch the ceiling at its lowest points. In addition to its wavy form, the vertical variation that mimics contour lines adds interest to the ceiling.

Lähikuva puisesta kattorakenteesta, jossa näkyy puusta tehtyjä tasoeroja.

Photo: details of the wooden ceiling in the departures hall.

“The visual experience and passenger-oriented solutions support a smooth trip. Our goal is to offer passengers a world-class travel experience at Helsinki Airport and to highlight Finnishness through the premises and design.”

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