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Kaisa Vuorio and Pekka Vähähyyppä elected as new Finavia board members

Article published
27.4.2022 at 09:00
Puinen alakatto ja suuret ikkunat terminaali 2:n laajennuksessa.
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Finavia's Annual General Meeting elected two new members to the Board of Directors on 18 March 2022. The new members bring strong expertise in real estate and financial matters to the Board.

Kaisa Vuorio is an engineer in real estate management and valuation with extensive experience in real estate and property companies. She is also familiar with the world of real estate that offers consumer services, previously at Citycon and currently at Propdea. Vuorio has worked on several boards in different fields.

Kaisa Vuorio

In Finavia’s Board of Directors, she was particularly interested in combining the construction of consumer service chains with business services and the national security of supply.

“Finavia’s business is critical for the security of supply, which gives a deeper meaning to its services and their development”, Vuorio says.

She points out that the COVID-19 pandemic hit Finavia’s business significantly hard at a time when the company was implementing large investment projects to enable major capacity increases.

“We must ensure the prerequisites for the company’s operations and profits, taking into account long-term objectives, as well as possible in this situation and in a responsible manner.”

Finavia’s Board of Directors has a wide range of expertise and experience in various business areas.

“I hope to add value to the Board’s activities and decision-making through a combination of service design and property development perspectives.”

Pekka Vähähyyppä is known for his long career at Stockmann Oy, where he has worked as CFO. Vähähyyppä will retire from Stockmann in the spring of 2022 and will continue to serve on the board of, for example, Vincit Oy, in addition to Finavia.

Pekka Vähähyyppä

Throughout his career, Vähähyyppä has worked in economics and finance after graduating from the Helsinki School of Economics in 1984 with a Master’s degree in economics.

“My long career has included several financial management roles in different companies and industries, such as the air traffic industry. In my role as CFO for Finnair, I also came to know Finavia from the perspective of a customer and partner”, Vähähyyppä says.

In Vähähyyppä’s view, Finavia’s large investment in Helsinki Airport is important for the competitiveness of the whole country and for the accessibility of Finland.      

“My strongest expertise is in economic and financial matters. I believe that my background in the airline and trade sectors can benefit Finavia’s Board of Directors. It is inspiring to be involved in Finavia’s activities as a member of the Board of Directors.”