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City break at Easter? See the five destinations offered by TUI

Article published
27.3.2023 at 15:17
Matkustaja hymyilee lähtöaulassa passi kädessä
During the Easter break, direct flights will be available from Finavia airports to many of Finns’ favourite destinations. See below the destinations offered by tour operator TUI.

According to tour operator TUI’s press release, European cities have attracted the most bookings for this year’s Easter break. Direct flights are available to all five destinations from Helsinki Airport for the Easter holidays. Direct flights to Rome are also available from Turku Airport.

  1. Barcelona

Barcelona is the most popular city destination this Easter. There, as the temperature rises to 20 degrees in April, the weather is perfect for exploring the city and its fantastic sights.

  1. Nice

Sophisticated Nice on the French Riviera is the second most popular destination. It is an ideal combination of a vibrant metropolis, an elegant beach resort and an international cultural scene. Nice is also a great base for exploring Monaco, Cannes or other destinations along the French coast.

  1. Paris

Is there anything more beautiful than Paris in the spring? Paris is the third most booked city destination for the Easter weekend. Through Tui, you can reserve tickets for a wide variety of attractions in Paris, such as a dinner cruise on the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, or a guided tour of the highlights among art treasures at the Louvre.

  1. Rome

Countless historic attractions, narrow alleyways and small squares with fountains, as well as the world's best ice cream bars, are just a few examples of what makes Rome a favourite destination for Easter. Spring is the best time of the year to explore the city, because the temperature is moderate and it does not get oppressively hot in the streets.

  1. Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, fifth on the list, spring has already sprung although the city is not far, only a couple of hours’ flight away. Amsterdam attracts Finnish holidaymakers with its numerous beautiful canals, colourful flower markets, shopping opportunities and art museums.

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