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Electric cars can be charged in all of Helsinki Airport’s parking halls

Article published
16.8.2023 at 12:00
Matkustaja lataa autoaan Helsinki-Vantaan lentoaseman pysäköintihallissa
There are nearly 350 charging stations for electric cars in the parking areas of Helsinki Airport. Charging stations can be found in every parking hall at the airport, so you can leave your electric car to charge for the duration of the trip in the parking hall of your choice.

“The number of charging stations is the highest in the P2 parking hall, where the entire third floor is reserved for electric cars being charged,” says Finavia’s Jukka Isomäki, Head of Parking and Landside Traffic at Helsinki Airport.

Finavia opened the new P1 Premium and P2 parking hall next to Helsinki Airport terminal, which has about 250 charging stations in total. In P1 Premium, the charging stations are located at the front and the back of the Premium floor.

Charging stations are also available in the popular P3 and P5 parking halls. P3 has 30 charging stations and P5 has 70 charging stations.

Save money by pre-booking

“Our parking areas at Helsinki Airport are located closest to the departure gate. Some are right next to the terminal. Parking is cheaper with pre-booking, so customers can ensure they get the best price and access to their preferred parking area by booking their parking in advance,” Jukka Isomäki notes.

Read more about the parking areas at Helsinki Airport and book parking in advance on Finavia's website.

Charging points for electric cars are intended for charging electric cars. The charging points are filled according to demand.

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This article was first published on 18 July 2022.