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Finavia celebrates International Civil Aviation Day on 7 December – the day is a reminder of the importance of air travel to people and society

Article published
7.12.2023 at 09:30
Rovaniemi Airport
On 7 December 2023, Finavia will raise the Finnish flag and celebrate International Civil Aviation Day at its airports throughout Finland. At the same time, Finavia will start the 50th anniversary year of Savonlinna Airport.

Aviation has changed travel and business permanently and contributed to building connections between people for decades. Celebrated annually on 7 December, International Civil Aviation Day is a reminder of the importance of air travel and its social and economic benefits for the modern world, society and people.

Finavia’s airports offer Finns hundreds of direct routes. Flying makes it possible to travel almost anywhere in the world in less than 24 hours. For many international passengers, Finavia’s airports are their first contact with Finland and the Finnish lifestyle.

International Civil Aviation Day is an excellent time to celebrate past achievements as well as look to the future: we want to make air travel possible for Finns, even a hundred years from now. Aviation industry operators are committed to reducing emissions and playing an active role in curbing climate change. Finavia’s goal is to reduce its own emissions to as close to zero as possible at all 20 of its airports.

Savonlinna Airport celebrates its 50th anniversary

In 2023, Finavia has celebrated the anniversary years of Ivalo and Oulu airports. Oulu Airport celebrated its 70th anniversary, while Ivalo Airport celebrated its 80th anniversary. You can read more about the milestones of Oulu Airport and Ivalo Airport.

The anniversary years will culminate on International Civil Aviation Day with the Finnish flag being raised at all Finavia airports.

In 2024, Finavia will celebrate the anniversary year of Savonlinna Airport, as the airport celebrates its 50th anniversary next year. Savonlinna Airport was officially inaugurated in 1974. Regular scheduled flights had already started in the November of the previous year. The airport became part of Finavia’s airport network in 1980. Savonlinna Airport’s anniversary year can be followed in Finavia’s channels during the year.

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