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Finavia to renovate Helsinki Airport’s runway 2 in summer 2023

Article published
8.2.2023 at 13:37
Lähikuva kiitotiestä, jonka päässä näkyy taivas.
In the summer of 2023, airport company Finavia will invest EUR 8 million in the renovation of runway 2 at Helsinki Airport. Helsinki Airport’s runway renovation will affect take-off and landing directions in May–August .

"The renovation of runway 2 at Helsinki Airport involves a lot of repairs of the old infrastructure, which is why the project is extensive and complex. In addition to the renovation of the runway, stormwater sewers will be improved during the summer in order to further reduce the impact of flight operations on nearby areas," says Jani Elasmaa, Finavia's VP responsible for apron and runway operations at Helsinki Airport.

There are three runways at Helsinki Airport. In summer 2023, the renovation will focus on the northern end of runway 2 (15/33), i.e. the transverse runway. The work will start in May and be completed by the beginning of September. Thanks to runways 1 and 3, which will be in use as usual, the renovation will not affect passenger or air traffic.

The renovation will affect the take-off and landing directions at the airport, as it will not be possible to land on runway 2 during the renovation. In May–August, landings from the direction of Nurmijärvi will decrease and landings from the direction of northeast Vantaa and Kerava will increase. Propeller aircraft will take off from runway 2 in the direction of Tikkurila as usual.

The renovation of runway 2 is a two-year project. Work will continue in the summer of 2024, when the southern end of the runway will be renovated and the navigation and air navigation equipment will be replaced.

In addition to the renovation of the runway, Finavia is renovating Helsinki Airport's stormwater sewers and the electrical systems underneath the runway. By developing the sewer system, Finavia will improve its water management, which will protect nearby ditches and streams from runway runoff.

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