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Heading to Lapland for the winter holiday? Read our tips for Kittilä Airport

Article published
23.2.2023 at 09:14
Lapsi ja aikuinen tulossa ulos lentokoneesta
Kittilä Airport is in the middle of a busy winter holiday season. Kittilä Airport has excellent transport links to popular ski resorts.

If you are departing from Kittilä Airport during the winter holiday weeks (weeks 8–10), you should arrive at the airport in good time before your flight. Especially on Saturdays 25 February, 4 March and 11 March, there will be many flights departing from and arriving at the airport.

See the packing instructions

Already prepare for visiting the airport and going through security control when at home. You can check the Finavia search engine for packing instructions: what you can pack in hand baggage and what you can put in checked baggage.

At Kittilä Airport, liquids and electronics must be taken out of bags for the duration of the security control. Power banks must be put in hand baggage. Ski waxes and liquids of more than 100 millilitres must be taken out of bags during security control at Kittilä Airport.

Although bottles of water may not be taken through security control, you can fill your water bottle in the gate area. In addition, a new Hot Dog restaurant has opened in the gate area. The restaurant, which is located at gate 6, is open every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Quick connections from the airport to Levi and Ylläs

There is a connecting bus running between Kittilä Airport and Levi and Ylläs. Its timetable is in line with the airport’s scheduled flights. You can buy bus tickets to Levi and Ylläs in advance: check out the Tunturilinjat and Rundgrenky ticket sales.

In addition, there is a snowmobile trail that starts in front of Kittilä Airport if you would like to start doing winter sports immediately after your flight.

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