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Helsinki Airport to get an Airport Chaplain of its own

Article published
13.3.2023 at 13:00
Lentoasemapappi Hanna Similä potretti
People & Aviation
Finavia and the Parish Union of Vantaa have signed a fixed-term cooperation agreement on Airport Chaplain services at Helsinki Airport. The Airport Chaplain serves passengers and those working at the airport, regardless of what their beliefs are.

In addition to meeting people, the Airport Chaplain can also take part in the handling of exceptional situations together with other crisis responders.

“The airport chaplain service complements the services we provide to our passengers. When needed, the Airport Chaplain can provide support through discussion both in everyday situations and in the event of a crisis,” says Hanna Hämäläinen, Finavia’s Head of Passenger Services and Development.

The Airport Chaplain for Helsinki Airport will be Hanna Similä. Similä has a master’s degree in Theology and a professional supervision qualification (STOry). She has been working for a long time as a chaplain in educational institutions.

“For nearly all of my career, I have been able to work with a community-oriented approach. When working with different communities, I feel the best thing is the different conversations I get to have with people,” Similä says.

The Airport Chaplain is supported by a diverse network that includes, for example, representatives of other religions. The aim of the network is to find a suitable conversation partner for everyone.

Airport Chaplains at airports around the world

More than 100 airports around the world offer Airport Chaplain services to support passengers and those working in the aviation industry in a variety of challenging situations.

It is of the utmost importance that the airport always respects the values of the organisation or the person they are serving.

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