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Who can shop at the airport? What shops does Helsinki Airport have?

Article published
21.8.2023 at 08:14
Matkustajat ostoksilla lentokentällä.
There are dozens of shops and kiosks at Helsinki Airport where passengers can shop and spend time.

Please read our FAQs about the shops at the airport.

  1. Who can buy from the airport shops?

All passengers can buy from Helsinki Airport’s shops and kiosks, including duty-free shops. This means that you can enjoy shopping at the airport, whether you are going on a trip, returning to Finland or catching a connecting flight.

The only limitation is that domestic passengers are not allowed to buy strong alcohol and tobacco products in tax-free shops.

There are also several shops in the arrivals hall of Helsinki Airport – such as Alepa, Moomin Shop, Fashion & Accessories and R-kioski – where anyone visiting the airport can buy products, even if they are not going on a trip.

  1. Can I take my purchases with me on my flight?

Purchases made at the airport can be carried in hand baggage on the flight. You can also buy food for your flight at the airport.

If you will be travelling on a connecting flight within or via the EU, your liquid tax-free purchases – such as perfume, cosmetics and alcohol – will be packed in a sealed bag along with the receipt at the checkout. If you will be travelling on a connecting flight outside the EU, check your airline’s instructions for travelling with liquids.

In addition, the type of ticket you bought from your airline may require that purchases made at the airport fit in your hand baggage.

  1. How do I know what shops there are at the airport?

You can learn more about Helsinki Airport’s shops, kiosks and services before your trip on Finavia’s website, where you can find the information and opening hours of each shop. For example, the terminal has shops by the Finnish brands Marimekko, Iittala, Moomin Shop, R-kioski and Alepa.

You can also prepare for your flight by subscribing to MyFlight, a service that gives recommendations for shops and restaurants near your departure gate.

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This article was first published on June 19th, 2023.