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The eight seasons of Lapland: The season of crusty snow comes just before the end of winter and changes in the scenery

Article published
4.4.2024 at 11:00
Hiihtäjä keväisessä talvimaisemassa
Do you already know all eight seasons of Lapland? The season of crusty snow, which is the second season, is the first sign of spring in Northern Finland.

In March–April, the days in Lapland begin to get longer and the light increases significantly as the first warm sunshine of the year touches the ground. The warmth of the sun causes the snow to become compact, and with the subsequent frosty nights the snow will even begin to support the weight of a person.

Sunny days and clear skies create the perfect conditions for outdoor activities, especially for cross-country skiers, who can enjoy the good weather that the season of crusty snow brings. The compactness of the snow makes it easy to walk on, which also makes this a good time for snowshoeing.

The lengthening days also offer the opportunity for longer trips, as dusk doesn't fall as early as in winter. The season of crusty snow is also great for other activities, such as downhill skiing, snowmobiling and mountain biking as well as husky and reindeer safaris.

Maastopyöräilijöitä Lapin talvimaisemassa

Photo: Mika Viitanen / Visit Finland

Experience the season of crusty snow and Lapland’s year-round experiences via Finavia’s Lapland airports.

Finnair offers several daily flights from Helsinki Airport to our Lapland airports in Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo. In winter, Lapland is also connected by direct routes to several destinations in Europe.

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