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A gateway to adventure and national parks – Learn more about Kuusamo Airport

Article published
30.4.2024 at 09:38
Kuvassa vehreä maisema, jossa etualalla puita ja taka-alalla näkyy vesistö.
Kuusamo Airport has excellent connections to a wide range of nature attractions in Kuusamo and the surrounding areas. Just a short drive away, you will find the ski slopes of Ruka and five beautiful national parks.

Kuusamo Airport lives and breathes leisure travel – the most spectacular nature attractions and ski resorts are within easy reach. Unsurprisingly, Kuusamo Airport is known as the gateway to the land of national parks.

In 2023, more than 120,000 passengers flew via Kuusamo Airport. The winter season is particularly busy, with up to a third of the year's total passengers flying in December alone. There are 7–12 flights per week during the summer season and up to 50 flights per week in the winter.

There are flights to Kuusamo from Helsinki all year round. In the 2023–2024 winter season, there were direct scheduled flights to Frankfurt and Düsseldorf in Germany and Zürich in Switzerland. There are also charter flights to Kuusamo from Europe. In summer 2024, Finnair will fly from Helsinki to Kuusamo 5–7 times a week.

The Airport Manager’s tips for Kuusamo

Kuusamo offers experiences and adventure all year round. Kuusamo Airport Manager Sari Päivärinta gives tips on everything you need to see and experience in Kuusamo and its surrounding areas.

Metsässä poimimassa mustikoita.

“Just an hour’s drive from the airport, there are five very different and beautiful national parks – Oulanka, Salla, Riisitunturi, Iso-Syöte and Hossa.”

"From Kuusamo, it is also easy to travel to the ski resorts of Ruka, Pyhä, Salla and Iso-Syöte as well as admire the miracles of winter in Taivalkoski, Hossa and Posio."

“Other breathtaking nearby nature attractions include the top of Valtavaara Hill, the Kiutaköngäs rapids, Pähkänänkallio Rock and, in the winter, Riisitunturi Fell with its stunning snow-covered trees.”

Kitkajoki Kuusamon alueella tarjoaa paljon aktiviteetteja.

Learn more about Kuusamo Airport

  • Year of establishment: Kuusamo Airport was established in 1969.
  • Employees: The airport employs a total of 12 people, and that figure goes up to 25 during the peak season.
  • Number of passengers: In 2023, there were 120,640 passengers.
  • Flight connections: Finnair operates direct flights to Kuusamo from Helsinki all year round. In the 2023–2024 winter season, there were scheduled flights to Frankfurt by Lufthansa, to Düsseldorf by Eurowings and to Zürich by Edelweiss. Kuusamo Airport also receives numerous charter flights from many cities in Europe. In summer 2024, Finnair will fly several times a week between Kuusamo and Helsinki Airport.

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