1. Responsibilities

Finavia will make an effort to keep the content of its web service as up-to-date as possible. However, Finavia does not guarantee that the website and customer service portal content is correct and functional at all times. Moreover, Finavia will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, losses or costs arising from the use of the service or the interpretation of its content. The information and services are only provided in order to improve passenger comfort.

1.1 Information about departures and arrivals

The information given on the website is provided for the sole purpose of the improvement of passenger comfort. The information provided may not reflect, for example, the most current schedule changes. Departure gate, entrance lobby information and real-time departure and arrival flight schedules must always be checked on the airport's schedule monitors.

1.2 What to take on board with you

The "What to bring on a flight" (search service for banned items and substances on a flight) is a service provided by Turvaprojektit (STP). The information is based on IATA and Trafi regulations. The procedure abides by international legislation, but there are country-specific and airport-specific differences between security measures. Finavia assumes no responsibility for the contents of the service.

The material is updated four times per year as well as in cases where security check requirements change to an essential extent. STP answers passenger questions concerning the suitability of products for transport at [email protected] no later than in two business days from when the question was posted. STP is not liable for possible damage caused to the service user when following instructions given by the service.

1.3 Real-time information of trains and buses departing Helsinki Airport

The real-time schedule service for trains and buses departing Helsinki Airport is managed by Trapeze Oy. Trapeze and Finavia are in no way responsible for any errors or flaws in the schedule information, nor are they responsible for any losses, damage or costs resulting from erroneous or inadequate information.

1.4 Waiting times at security checks of Helsinki Airport

Waiting times at security control points are based on estimates. Finavia will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, losses or costs arising from the use of the service or the interpretation of the waiting time estimations. The information is only provided in order to improve passenger comfort.

1.5 Other

The website also contains links to websites produced by other organisations. Finavia is not responsible for the content of those websites or the functionality of the links.

2. Technical features

The site is intended for latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. The site is also for smartphones with Android 10, iOS 9 or newer operating systems. Support for Internet Explorer has ended in July 2021.

The site is maintained using the Drupal 8 publishing system

3. Cookies

Finavia's site uses cookies to facilitate easier online service use and to better develop content that caters to user needs. The user may prevent cookies in their browser settings. If the cookie function is not in use, it is possible that not all Finavia site services are available. We also use cookies from third parties.

4. Privacy protection

Online service users may be requested to provide personal data which will be used for example to target marketing or to deliver services and messages. Examples include name, employer, phone number, mailing address and email address. Unless the online service user has consented to it, Finavia shall not transfer personal data to third parties for purposes other than those specified above. A link to the Privacy Policy document is provided in connection with each web page or the service, where appropriate. The general data protection principles of Finavia Corporation are described on Data Protection web page.

Privacy Policy for Finavia Corporation mobile and online services (PDF)

In addition to data given by visitors to our website, the site uses a chat service that utilises the following visitor data: IP address, location on the basis of the IP address, visitor browser type, visitor device type. The data will be used in offering the chat service, for analytics purposes, and the improvement and development of services. Customer service register (PDF).

5. Rights

Unless otherwise specified, all rights to the material contained in Finavia's web service are the property of Finavia. Any use of the material must always be agreed upon separately. The use of photographs and maps must also be agreed upon separately. All copyrights are the property of Finavia and may also be the property of the photographers or the authors of the map material.

6. Site structure

Finavia's online service includes sections:

  • The Airports section which is targeted at passengers and airport customers. All of Finavia’s airports and their services can be found under the Airports.
  • About Finavia section which is targeted at airlines, media, companies and everyone interested in Finavia and flight traffic.
  • At the Airport
  • Business premises and advertising
  • For airlines
  • For Media
  • For general aviators
  • Newsroom
  • Customer service

7. Contact information

Finavia Corporation

01531 Vantaa