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Experience the Finnish Lakeland

Article published
5.2.2015 at 12:31
Experience the beautiful Finnish Lakeland on one of these round trips recommended by

Route for culture lovers

This tour is meant for all those interested in local people, lifestyles, culture and history, along with cultural events and sights. If you value high-quality, authenticity, uniqueness, beautiful landscapes, local food as well as specialities and good service, this trip is perfect fit for you! The route is approximately 1300 km long and travels through Helsinki to Lakeland Finland - Kouvola, Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Jyväskylä and Tampere regions!

Route for sauna lovers

In Finland, sauna is an essential part of everyday life and wellbeing. This tour is meant for all those genuinely interested in Finnish sauna culture and traditions. To this route, we have gathered the best and the wildest Finnish saunas from Helsinki and Finnish Lakeland area - some public, some private, some traditional and some representing the newest in Finnish sauna design. Tour is approx. 1200km long.

Route for nature lovers

Throughout the Finnish history, nature has been peoples' caretaker, provider of wealth, place to calm and relax, and to excercise. This tour is meant for all those interested in nature, amazing locations, national parks and an active holiday amidst nature. If you value uniquely alluring and clean lakeland nature and wish to experience something you will not experience elsewhere, this trip is perfect for you! Route length is approx. 1300-1500km (depending on route selection).

Route for families

Helsinki and lakeland Finland are a dream destination for a family holiday. Beautiful nature, safety, wide range of services and seamingly abundant places to visit are a reason to take the Finnish lakeland tour! This route includes amusement parks, exquisite locations, camp life, family-friendly hotels and restaurants - not to mention the activities Helsinki and Lakeland area have to offer. Ever travelled in a steam ship or took a paddling excursion?

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