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Flying to Kuopio Dance Festival

Article published
12.6.2015 at 06:00
Artistic Director Jorma Uotinen sees many similarities between dance and flying.

'Dancing often aims to create an illusion of something ethereal and light as air. Aeroplanes always fly high above us in the air, just like dance, which often takes you to a different sphere detached from the ground', maintains Jorma Uotinen, the Artistic Director of Kuopio Dance Festival. To him, dancing and flying are similar.

Kuopio Dance Festival is one of the most traditional festivals in Finland, and the event taking place from 10 to 16 June this year is the 46th.

For Jorma Uotinen, Kuopio is like a second hometown.

'Kuopio is very close to my heart. I have been able to participate in the Festival since the 1970s, when I came here as a young dancer for our National Ballet', he reminisces.

'I have now been responsible for the Festival's artistic direction for over ten years'.

Kuopio enchants from the air

Jorma Uotinen and his guests from abroad usually arrive to Kuopio by air.

'All of our foreign guests are flown to Kuopio, as they first land in Helsinki from all over the world and then continue on to Kuopio on transfer flights'.

Jorma Uotinen is happy with Kuopio Airport.

'It is a typical airport for its size. Everything works well and passengers get through quickly. We also have big Festival advertisements there each summer, which makes it a special place for me'.

Foreign guests are often delighted with the Finnish nature upon arrival to Kuopio.

'The first thing everyone notices is the unbelievable lake scenery from the aeroplane windows. It enchants and wins them over right from the beginning', Jorma Uotinen continues.

'Our light summer nights are another entirely new experience for many of our guests from other countries'.