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Significant changes to parking at Helsinki Airport: affects everyone arriving at the airport in their own vehicle

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3.1.2019 at 10:06
Helsinki Airport architectural visualization.
The parking hall P1/P2 will close on 7 January 2019. The parking halls P3 and P5 as well as outdoor parking area P4 will serve passengers in the future.

Short-term parking in front of Terminal 2 and, for example, spaces for electric cars located in P1 will also be transferred to the parking hall P3.

The parking hall P1/P2, which has served 13 million cars over the past 30 years, will be demolished to make way for the expansion of Terminal 2 and the new magnificent entrance of Helsinki Airport. The expansion is part of Finavia’s giant billion-euro investment programme with the aim of strengthening the status of Helsinki Airport as the leading Northern European airport. The expansion work that has been ongoing for about five years will now transfer to a visible place in front of Terminal 2.

Finavia apologises for any inconvenience caused by the demolition and construction work and will do its utmost to ensure that the impact of the work will remain as small as possible. However, it is impossible to completely avoid disruptions. The work will cause longer walking distances, dust, noise and changes to passageways.

“There will be enough parking spots during the construction work since we have prepared ourselves for the demolition of the parking hall by increasing the capacity. We have expanded the parking hall P5 by opening up 3,000 new parking spots and dozens of spaces for electric cars. A new parking hall with 2,000 more parking spots will open next year,” says Finavia Director Jukka Isomäki who is responsible for the Landside services at Helsinki Airport.

Isomäki advises passengers to book a parking spot in advance, particularly during the holiday seasons, such as the winter holiday. This means you will get a parking space in your desired parking area.

Finavia has renewed the parking hall P3 to meet the needs of customers. In the future, drivers picking up passengers or quickly visiting the airport can park in P3 short-term parking at the entrance level.

A Premium parking hall with its own entrance and exit routes for passengers appreciating smooth and fast parking has been opened in P3. The spaces for electric cars are also located there.

It is only possible to walk between terminals through a connecting corridor indoors, since the outdoor passageway is no longer in use. It is also possible to move between the terminals or the parking areas using a free-of-charge shuttle bus.

There will be changes to the driving routes of busses. HSL bus routes 415, 415N, 561, 562N, 615 and 617 as well as Finnair’s City Bus will stop only at Terminal 2. They will no longer stop at Terminal 1.

Isomäki recommends all airport visitors, passengers as well as other visitors, to follow news about Helsinki Airport on the Finavia website. The construction work may cause small or larger changes even on a weekly basis.

“It is now essential that passengers arrive at the airport on time. Passengers should make sure they have enough time to park their cars and move between and inside terminals.”

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