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How to use our new online service

Article published
27.8.2013 at 06:00
Finavia will introduce a new, passenger-oriented website on Tuesday, 27 August.

Our online service has been designed to be used with all kinds of devices: smartphones, tablets and computers. Separate mobile sites ( and will be discontinued.

Another major change on the website is the new site navigation, which is intended to improve the online services provided to passengers through the "My flight" service. All flight and airport information is summarised on a single page. We now also provide departure gate information.

Please see below for more detailed instructions for using the new online service.

For passengers and those picking them up and dropping them off

Passengers and other people visiting our airports will soon be able to enjoy the unique "My flight" service. Visitors can quickly and easily access all the essential information concerning their flight and airport on a single page – whether they are departing, arriving, or picking up or dropping off passengers.

First select your airport, service and flight.Specify whether you are departing, arriving, dropping off or picking up passengers.On the "My flight" page, enter the code of your flight (e.g. AY123) or the destination (e.g. Paris) and you will get important information on that flight's schedule, gate information and travel information. The "My flight" service displays the information that best applies to you.

You only need to use the site search function if you want to see something particular, such as packing instructions. It is available in the top right-hand corner of the front page.

Traditional navigation functions are available in the footer area at the bottom of the page.

Flight information

While information on departures and arrivals will not appear on the front page in the future, it will remain easily accessible in Finavia's online service. How to find departure and arrival times:

First select the airport.Scroll to the bottom of the page. The links to departures and arrivals are located in the footer at the bottom of the airport's home page.

If you need to access flight information frequently, we recommend adding the page to your browser's bookmark/favourites list.

For airlines, advertisers, those seeking to rent business premises, and those interested in Finavia's operations

If you are looking for information about Finavia's operations, statistics, traffic fees, flight obstacle matters, available business premises or facilities, etc., click on "Corporate". You can also access these pages via the footer.

For aviators: No changes have been made to Section C

Section C functions just as before. Its navigation features, content, look and functions remain unchanged.

Section C is accessed via the direct addresses and You can also easily access Section C via Finavia's home page by selecting "Corporate" and then "C".