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Europe's first sleeping pods to Helsinki Airport

Press release
Article published
2.3.2015 at 11:00
Sleeping capsules at Helsinki airport's gate area.
Finavia continues to develop the passenger experience at Helsinki Airport. Passengers can now rest in GoSleep pods offering privacy and peace at the airport. Helsinki Airport is the first European airport to offer this service and it further consolidates its position among the most sleep-friendly airports in the world.

In 2014, the international website, which evaluates sleeping possibilities in airports, selected Helsinki Airport as the world's third most sleep-friendly airport. GoSleep pods are the most recent addition to the service portfolio of the innovative airport.

- We wish to provide passengers with an opportunity for stress-free travel and a nap between flights. Helsinki Airport has many transit passengers, who may not have had any sleep for a day or are suffering from jet lag. I believe that the service will have genuine demand, says Heikki Koski, Vice President at Finavia, Helsinki Airport.

GoSleep pod is a Finnish innovation, which provides passengers with peace and privacy amidst a hectic airport.

GoSleep sleeping pod is a Finnish innovation, which provides passengers with peace and privacy amidst a hectic airport. It is an ergonomic seat that can be turned into a bed, where a passenger can rest safe from passers-by and the noise.

You can conveniently stove away your hand luggage under the seat and pull up a cover that will isolate you from light and noise. The seat also has a power point for charging your phone or laptop during your rest.

Initial customer feedback is promising

Helsinki Airport is the first European airport offering sleeping pods to its passengers. The service was tested on site during the airport rest area pilot project in 2013.

The service is designed and manufactured by Finnish Short Rest Solutions Ltd.

- The pilot project showed that passengers prefer individual sleeping pods to larger rest areas. Sleeping pods have aroused wide-spread interest in particular on gate 18, where they are available for testing for free during the spring. Based on customer feedback, we will continue to refine the service to make it even more customer-friendly, says Jussi Piispanen, CEO of Short Rest Solutions Ltd.

Sleeping pods were launched in passenger use in mid-February. Initial customer feedback is promising.

- We have already received a great deal of positive feedback on the service. Feedback is important for us, so that we know how to develop the customer service at Helsinki Airport in the right direction, says Koski.

Helsinki Airport has in total 19 GoSleep sleeping pods. At the moment, the service is available on gates 18 and 38. Pillows and blankets are also available. The price of the service is 9 euro per hour.

Finavia is investing in customer experience

Finavia is investing strongly in the development of customer experience at Helsinki Airport. Development work has also involved passengers. Cooperation projects have brought, for example, yoga, Kainuu rest area, Book Swap point and a free art gallery to the airport.

Finavia is investing on customer experience also by renewing the commercial services of the airport. As a results of the revamp of service points, 70 new or renovated shops and restaurants will be opened at the airport.

Finavia has a EUR 900 million development programme under way. It aims to increase the transfer capacity of Helsinki Airport and the annual passenger volume to 20 million in 2020.