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Meet a master barista in the Starbucks coffee shop at Helsinki Airport

Article published
23.07.2014 kl 10:16
A woman making a coffee drink.
Starbucks coffee shop baristas competed against each other in an international competition. The two top places were awarded to Riina Karetin and Jukka Karjalainen from SSP Finland. You can occasionally meet them at the Starbucks coffee shop at Helsinki Airport.

Baristas working in Starbucks coffee shops across the Nordic Countries and Belgium participated in the international Starbucks Barista Championship competition held in June. Competition criteria included the baristas' technique, working practices, performance skills and overall knowledge of coffee.

The two top places were awarded to Finnish baristas Riina and Jukka, who both started their careers in the Starbucks coffee shop at Helsinki Airport. Riina won the competition after winning over the the judges with her confident and controlled performance and her huge passion, knowledge and love for coffee.

You can recognize a master barista by the “Coffee Master” apron

Currently, Riina and Jukka work at the Starbucks in the Stockman department store, but both still regularly visit the cafe at Helsinki Airport to share their knowledge of coffee. You can recognise Riina and Jukka by their black Coffee Master aprons.

All airport visitors can enjoy the specialty coffees prepared by Riina, Jukka and other master baristas. Vanilla Frappuccino, for example, is a perfect drink on a hot summer day. Starbucks also serves delicious sandwiches, muffins and slices of cake.

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