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Rovaniemi Airport, Airport of the Year

Article published
22.05.2015 kl 07:50
Reindeer outdoor art installation at Rovaniemi airport.
Finavia Corporation has chosen Rovaniemi Airport as the Airport of the Year for 2015. Selection criteria emphasised the improvement of operational quality and cost efficiency and also excellence in airport development. Rovaniemi Airport has also succeeded in building productive partnerships with other companies operating in the region.

“Passenger volumes have developed positively in Rovaniemi over the past few years." Regional operators, together with Finavia and airlines, have been able to increase demand for air traffic and build steady growth in the number of passengers. Furthermore, the airport has improved its financial figures as a result of a varied business model and sound cost- awareness. For example, the airport area has developed into a significant test centre for vehicles, which supports operating conditions for air traffic in Lapland. This recognition also belongs to the skilled air traffic professionals who work at the airport and, through their input, carry Rovaniemi Airport forward,” says Kari Savolainen, CEO of Finavia Corporation.

“Rovaniemi Airport is the third busiest airport in Finland. It has diverse customers as, in addition to scheduled traffic, a significant part of chartered flights land at Rovaniemi Airport in winter. We want to strengthen the position of Rovaniemi as a gateway to tourist attractions in Lapland by starting renovations at the airport in order to improve its functionality and capacity. In the future, we will also develop customer satisfaction – after all, we are confident of the attractiveness of Lapland,” Savolainen says.

The Airport of the Year is now in its 25th year, the first time the selection was made in 1990. The last time Rovaniemi was selected Airport of the Year was in 2006.

High winter traffic volumes in Rovaniemi boost tourism in the region

Rovaniemi Airport is a traffic hub in Lapland, from where the region's tourist attractions are easily accessible throughout the year. A number of daily scheduled flights from Helsinki Airport land at Rovaniemi Airport, and chartered flights carry passengers from all over the world, particularly in the winter.

Rovaniemi Airport was opened in 1940 and in 2013, 444,561 passengers passed through it. Rovaniemi Airport is the official airport of Santa Claus.

Traffic at the airport has been increasing fast in the first part of the year (+5% in January–April). The airport manager at Finavia is Martti Oinas, who also acts as regional manager in Lapland.